Mountains Calling? Ooty is the Place to Be


Lying near the Nilgiri Hills, Ooty is one of the best and serene hill stations in Tamil Nadu. The hill station is popular as a tourist attraction due to the picturesque views and comfort it offers away from the hectic modern life. Nilgiris- ‘The Blue Mountains’ is the major reason behind tourist gathering in the town. The fame is the result of the misty blue haze of the eucalyptus trees. Picturesque tea gardens and many Bollywood films being shot here make the place great for a vacation. You can book a hotel or resort in Ooty and check Ooty hotel price online to avoid the hassle while booking a hotel. This will also save up in your pocket.

Here are some of the top places you can visit that will offer you stunning views of mountains:

Ooty Botanical Garden– Situated on the slopes of Doddabetta Peak, Ooty Botanical Gardens had been set up the Government in 1848. Covering an area of 22 hectares, the garden acts as one of the best places to visit when you are on your vacation. You can go for a walk and enjoy the nature. Photography and bird watching can be done here. The greenery and flowers add to the beauty of the place and compliment the amazing weather. As the name suggests, the garden also houses numerous species of plants and has a 2o million-year-old fossilized tree standing proudly.

Ooty Mountain Railways- Built by the British in 1908, Ooty Mountain Railways are powered by traditional steam engines. It has been declared as a UNESCO heritage site that provides an extension to Darjeeling Himalayan Railway and offers a great experience.

Doddabetta peak- Capture the beautiful views of mountains at Doddabetta Peak that offers great views of valleys and mountains. The place is located at the height of 8650 feet and is considered as one of the highest peaks in South India. On your vacation, you can go for treks and many other activities that bring one of the great experiences. After climbing the peak, you can also have amazing views of Mysore and Coimbatore. When hungry, you can grab something delicious at the small eatery offering delectable food at reasonable prices.

Ooty Lake- A manmade lake covering an area of 65 acres, Ooty Lake was formed in 1824. This manmade lake offers beautiful views to its visitors and keeps them engaged with activities like boating and boat races. Summers are the best to be spent here. You just need to have a planned and organized vacation that would be visiting right places. A huge crowd gathers at boat race that is held in May. You can reside in a boathouse and go to children parks with your kids where they can have a wonderful time. The trending and popular activity here is horse riding.

Wax Museum- Located in a 142-year old bungalow, wax museum, as the name suggests houses statues of famous personalities. The sculptures here offer a great peep into the culture and heritage of the town. So, you can take a visit here if you wish to explore the history of the town.

All these places ensure that you take a visit to Ooty without having any second thoughts. Along with this, you can also visit Tribal Museum, Deer Park, Mariamman Temple, Emerald Lake, Stone House and many more. You can book a hotel online for your stay and check Ooty hotel prices online that will save your time and money. These hotels will provide you with a comfortable stay with picturesque views of the town.