How a Deer Supplement May be the Key to Bigger Profits

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Farmed deer are used for their meat and their sporting potential. In both instances, it is beneficial to the farmer to ensure the animals are as healthy as possible. This means choosing a feed that supplies all their basic nutritional needs and adding a professional deer supplement to give them an additional boost. Here is why using a quality supplement is a smart investment.

  • Trophy sized animals are common and happen faster. This makes it easier for farmers to raise more animals annually and increase their profits without needing to enlarge their facilities.
  • Reduces mortality rates in the entire population but particularly reduces the risk of male post-rut mortality.
  • Supplements greatly improve the growth rate of antlers and the maximum size the antlers can reach.
  • A supplemental diet helps to improve fertility rates in both males and females for a more productive breeding program.
  • Supplements also help females to produce healthier young that are more likely to survive gestation, birth and their newborn stage.

More animals, healthier animals and larger animals with substantial antlers are all attainable with the right supplement mix included in with a healthy diet. It is not always easy for farmers to create the right formula on their own. Adding too many minerals or neglecting to include specific types of vitamins or proper levels of protein could lead to illness and malnutrition. It requires a careful balance and this is why many successful farmers are using prepared supplements.

A scientifically formulated supplement will provide all deer with everything they need to remain healthy and grow strong. Profits are certain to increase when there is less loss in the herd and a greater average size in all animals. The large size of the animals and their antlers will increase the popularity of the herd and the farm. It is an investment that will pay for itself many times over. Of course, not only farmed deer will benefit from supplements. Anyone can use the products to improve the quality of the wild deer in their area. Find out more about prepared supplements today to discover how beneficial they are for farmed and wild deer herds.